The way to silence women

The latest trend is to accuse famous men of sexual abuse. Sometimes, decades after the alleged event took place. Why so waiting so long? Why did they comply? Why didn’t they defend themselves? Why didn’t they just say “no” loud and clear?

We all know women lie. By principle and by definition. They lie to seduce. They lie to convince. They lie to manipulate. They lie to get attention. They lie. All of them and all the time. Because Eve lied and because they wouldn’t know how to tell the truth. And mainly, they lie to destroy men’s lives. They have the ultimate power to tatter an innocent men’s life in their hands and they don’t hesitate to use it.

When women don’t lie, they exaggerate. They overemphasize events, feelings and emotions. They mistake what they feel with reality and that becomes what they think. It takes some external regulation in order to evaluate the true dimension of those events, feelings and emotions and then, we can have a closer notion of what reality “really” is. We advise to mentally divide the content of their narratives by two in order to get closer to the truth.

Lying is the weapon of the weak. They are weak by nature not because they were made powerless by us. Therefore, they willingly sell their sex for food, for money, for fame, for recognition and validation. Like female chimpanzees.  Biology sustains it and provides evidences.  If you accept the trade but don’t realise it is a game, their game, you’ll end up shattered. They destroy men’s lives with the same easiness with which they turn the soil barren, kiss the devil’s ass or fly libidinously across nightly skies.

Never trust a woman when she says she was raped or sexually harassed. It is usually an act of vengeance towards the man they decide to denigrate and often an attempt to manipulate you through your empathy. 

If you are a man and if you truly want to defend yourself from such unfair accusations, fear falling in love, fear having sex with them, fear cracking innocent jokes about the way they look or behave, fear giving them compliments. But, because men can’t live in fear, it’s safer to just keep them under you. At work, at home, in bed. In all the public and private spaces. And whenever you can’t silence them by force, laugh at them. Laughter is contagious and if you laugh loud enough, nothing they will cry will be heard. Thus, they’ll learn to be silent.

And then, peace will be again restored. Like in the good old days.

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